Countries with high percentages of mask-wearing have significantly reduced rates of COVID-19 infections. The data is clear that wearing masks reduces the spread of COVID-19 by reducing the spread from asymptomatic people and reducing the infection of uninfected people.



Sneezing will spread germs quite a great distance.

But just breathing has a massive distance of droplet transmission too. Check out this image from Mythbuster’s contamination experiment.

Wearing a mask may be the only way to reduce your breathing contamination, especially if you are an infected, asymptomatic person. COVID-19 particles from breathing may remain on surfaces for hours or even days.

Wearing a mask reduces the spread of larger droplet particles, which may be more likely to contain the COVID-19 coronavirus.

It’s quite clear that wearing a mask greatly reduces the transmission rate of any kind of virus that can be spread by breath droplets. These are usually viruses that are light enough to travel on small water droplets that exist in human exhales.

Bacteria can be harder to spread by just breathing because bacteria are larger and heavier – but that doesn’t mean you’re safe from bacteria, as some bacteria also travels on aerosolized droplets in breath vapor.

The bottom line: Masks Save Lives.